Huey Jie

Internet Marketing Executive, EasyParcel

Huey Jie is keen to utilise his IT knowledge to simplify the delivery booking process for everyone. He also aims to help businesses to grow online.

0945 - 1030 AM

(28/4/2020) Tuesday - SG

Sending Parcels from Home during the Circuit Breaker Period

Huey Jie, Internet Marketing Executive, EasyParcel

The circuit breaker does not mean that your delivery process will be negatively impacted. Instead, you should be focusing on growing your business online and book for courier services with just a few clicks at the comfort of your home! In this webinar, EasyParcel Internet marketing executive Huey Jie will walk you through the easy-to-use delivery solutions, low budget marketing strategies and after-sales services that'll definitely help you in acquiring new customers while retaining your existing customers throughout the circuit breaker period. Mark your calendar and save the date as we're ready to help!

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