Marcus Ho

Founder, Brew Interactive

Marcus Ho is the founder of Asia's fastest-growing and award-winning digital marketing agency, Brew Interactive. Over the last 12 years, Marcus, alongside with his team has worked with numerous multinational brands such as Hitachi, Unilever, and Shell to grow their content marketing efforts effectively. Marcus is also the author of the national bestseller book, "Social Payoff".

0945 - 1030 AM

(27/4/2020) Monday - SG

How marketers can stay productive during COVID-19?

Marcus Ho, Founder, Brew Interactive

With all the recent news of the coronavirus, it's clear that most businesses will continue to struggle for a while. Companies have told employees to expect pay cuts, or have asked them to go on unpaid leave. Marketers have also started to freeze their spending. While we don't know for sure when this whole pandemic will end, here are 5 things you can do to stay productive during the pandemic.
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