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Leverage Technology for Digitalization

At SME DigitalFest 2021, we focus to help SMEs leverage technology to think like giants. Technology is not just essential for the day-to-day running of your business but also can help to achieve growth and success when utilized effectively.

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Learn, Unlearn, Relearn

To stay current and get ahead isn’t always easy. But as business owners, we need to learn, unlearn and relearn to keep pace with the rapidly changing world and technology.

Get Inspired & Seize the Opportunity

At SME DigitalFest 2021, various number of SMEs will be invited to share their business transformation journey. Join us to learn more from real life example.

Quality, not quantity

Great care is taken to ensure that every single attendee is selected for their relevance, influence and seniority in the industry.

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0930 - 0940

Opening Announcement

0940 - 1010

Digital Marketing Leads, Omni-Channel Conversion

The maturing of business development and marketing technologies has provided an abundance of opportunities for businesses to reach out to consumers. Where are some of these touchpoints and how should we organise the generated leads in a neatly fashion?

Speaker: Lew Ee Ling, Founder of Hera

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1010 - 1040

Digitalizing HR Processes in the Era of the New Normal

In this session, we will be sharing how companies have successfully benefitted from cloud-based HR solutions and how SMEs can improve their overall productivity and competitiveness - simply by going digital. Learn how you can automate payroll, improve workforce visibility and manage leave entitlement easily, and how this can create a lasting impact on your business operations and organisational success.

Speaker: Chan Chiou Hao, COO of JustLogin

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1040 - 1140

[Panel Discussion] Brand-Building Strategies For Small Businesses And Startups

Branding is a need, not a luxury. Especially in the time of uncertainty, how brand-building can give SMEs the competitive edge is an important strategy.

Moderator: Nadhirah Azhar, Senior Business Advisor & Project Coordinator, SME Centre @SMCCI

1) Raja Ramachandran, Director of marketing, Tech in Asia
2) Swati Gauba Kochar, Chief Digital Strategist, Hoppingo

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1140 - 1210

Digitalization and scalability in the Covid era

With less face-to-face interactions possible, an online presence is paramount in the covid-19 era. While we always had an online presence via our social media and website, Covid-19 accelerated our need to bring some traditionally offline interactions such as classes into the virtual realm. Additionally, as companies grow larger, there are more tasks that are required to be automated and outsourced to scale the business efficiently using technology.

Speaker: Joan Chua, Founder of Fleuriste Pte Ltd

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1210 - 1400


1400 - 1430

What is New Retail?

What is New Retail? How could businesses benefit from the deployment of New Retail business model? 91APP will reveal the mind-blowing success secrets and valuable insights for the first time in Singapore.

Speaker: Lee Wei Hong, Senior Business Consultant, 91APP

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1430 - 1500

The Role of PR in Digital Transformation

While digital presence has been heavily emphasised as we are encouraged to make a digital transformation, what role does public relations have to play amidst it? In this session, we go through how public relations has transformed, and how we can strategically utilise public relations to aid in a brand's digital transformation.

Speaker: Marjorie Poon, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DIFY PTE LTD

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1500 - 1530

The Next Normal in Digital Health

With the accelerated adoption of digitalization, we take a deep dive on trends that will chart the course of digital health ahead.

Speaker:Serene Cai, Co-Founder of Speedoc

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1530 - 1600

B2B digitalisation for the F&B industry

The foodservices industry is probably one of the last few to be digitalised. While there have been a plethora of digital tools to drive F&B sales revenues, the way Buyers & Suppliers interact for their food supplies has largely remain unchanged for decades. We explore how the introduction of B2B platforms can help bring benefits to both parties.


Speaker: Keith Tan,  Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Zeemart Pte Ltd

1600 - 1630

Empowering employees to be future-ready through upskilling!

Are your employees ready to be accelerate your business growth? With the rapidly evolving economy, there is an increasing need for companies to be agile and get up to speed in order to propel business growth. In this session, we will share more about the importance of upskilling your employees and case studies on how companies have empowered their employees with the relevant skillsets that brings their business to the next level.


Speaker: Lim Shan Shan, SME Skills Manager, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

1630 - 1700

Motivating Employees Easily with Fun & Engaging Recognition & Rewards

Motivating employee, the most important asset of a company, should always be a top priority. We will show you how to set up a fun and engaging reward and recognition program to help SMEs compete with large corporations when it comes to benefits and compensation. Moreover, you could align this reward program with your KPI / OKR so that everyone moves in the same direction. Without costing a bomb for benefits, you can now keep your team happy, improve productivity and reduce employee turnover easily.

Speaker: Shu Yih, CTO of EasyWork

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0930 - 0940

Opening Announcement

0940 - 1010

#5 SEO Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About

In this guide, we are sharing some of the lesser-known Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that you can use to boost your digital presence, with little time and money. We will be sharing a blend of analytics, and productivity hacks that seem to be forgotten, even among experienced marketers.

You will learn how to:
1) Pick the right keywords in under 10 seconds
2) Use free platforms to boost your Google dominance
3) Be Active without being active
4) Speed up for optimum User Experience
5) Be everywhere - Omnichannel approach

Speaker: Fai Masri, CEO of 3D Brand Agency Pte Ltd

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1010 - 1040

Omni-channel digitalisation strategy for food retailers

Post-pandemic, consumer dining habits and behaviours have changed drastically. Large enterprises are investing heavily to work with retailers in their ecosystem to drive new value for their business. To thrive, retailers must digitise and adopt a sell-anywhere mindset.

Speaker: Wee Zi Huan, CEO / Founder of Eunoia

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1040 - 1140

Panel Discussion: Effective SMEs Marketing Strategies

Whether your small business has existed for years, or just recently started up, finding the most effective marketing strategies is critical.Here are some of those statistically proven marketing strategies that are sure to feature in every small business marketer's playbook.

Jian, Digital Marketing Strategist, Exabytes

1) Henry Ho, DecisiveMarketer
2) Ivan So, Digital Consultant, HDcourse
3) James Soh, Director of Renopedia
4) Julian Yong, Founder of Ecom Champions, Nailujel HQ PLT

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1140 - 1210

Digitalizing Your Business During Pandemic

The pandemic last year is has affected everyone of us in some way. In this topic, I am going to share about how EasyStore can help all sizes of businesses to digitalize your business to reach more customers.

Speaker: Eric Lian, Community Manager of EasyStore

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1210 - 1400


1400 - 1500


Advantages of building a website with WordPress
(WordPress 建立网站的优势)
- Platform comparison (平台比较)
- Pros and cons (优点和缺点)
- Longterm development (长远发展)
How to get free website traffic through SEO in 2021
(2021 年如何透过 SEO 获取免费网站流量)
- External links (外部连结)
- Social platform (社交平台)
- Private network (私人网络)
- Authoritative website (权威网站)
- Drainage strategy (引流策略)
- KOL cooperation (KOL 联乘合作)
Facebook management
(Facebook 经营)
- Focus on “Facebook Group” operations (把重心放在社团营运)
- Remarketing ads (再行销广告)
- Inbound marketing (集客式行销)

Speaker: Mack Chan of WP Valley (網站迷谷)

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1500 - 1530


您肯定在Facebook上看到了“Live直播”部分,卖家正在磨光他们的商品或与听众聊天。 您是否也尝试过为您的业务这样做? 欢迎使用直播串流,这是一种实时与客户联系的新方式。 Livestream Commerce在中国呈爆炸式增长,并且同比增长250%。 疫情已经影响到许多企业,随着商家寻求新的方式来促进其业务发展,今年新加坡出现了直播流媒体。 您肯定在想,这太新了,我该如何为我的企业开始呢?
快来参与由我们的演讲者SHOPAVISION的创始人Rachel Pang与你分享,这是新加坡首个也是唯一的直播购物媒体应用程序,她将分享有关直播商务如何为您的业务推动主动式营销和销售的更多信息。

Speaker: Rachel Pang, 创办人,Shopavision

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1530 - 1600



Speaker: Mr Kee Zhe Chong 纪志钟先生, Managing Director of Lian Huat Company

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*Program is subject to slight variation due to any unforseen circumstances which beyond current reasonable control

SME DigitalFest 2021 Speakers


Chan Chiou Hao

COO, JustLogin

Mr Kee Zhe Chong 纪志钟先生

Managing Director, Lian Huat Company

Joan Chua

Founder, Fleuriste Pte Ltd

Marjorie Poon

Co-Founder and Managing Director, DIFY

Lee Wei Hong

Senior Business Consultant, 91APP

Keith Tan

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer at Zeemart Pte Ltd

Lim Shan Shan

SME Skills Manager at Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

Wee Zi Huan

CEO / Founder at Eunoia

Serene Cai

Co-Founder, Speedoc

Eric Lian

Community Manager, EasyStore

Rachel Pang

Founder & CEO, Shopavision

Raja Ramachandran

Director of Marketing, Tech in Asia

Ivan So

Digital Consultant, HDcourse

Henry Hoe


Lee Yan Jian

Digital Marketing Strategist, Exabytes

Swati Gauba Kochar

Chief Digital Strategist, Hoppingo Pte Ltd

Lew Ee Ling

Founder of Hera Bathroom, SaniQUO Pte Ltd

Julian Yong

Founder of Ecom Champions, Nailujel HQ PLT

James Soh

Director at Renopedia/1 Heart Agency Pte Ltd

Shu Yih

CTO and co-founder of EasyWork

Mack Chan

Founder of WP Valley

Nadhirah Azhar

Senior Business Advisor & Project Coordinator, SME Centre @SMCCI

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