Farena Rahim

Account Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Farena’s very first experience with technology was during her first 5 years of career, managing PR for a Taiwan-based consumer electronic company. Being a tech-noob, she found herself in awe at every new technological improvements her client had on their products. Her interest in technology grew deeper during her time at Microsoft and Autodesk. Now, an Account Manager at AWS Malaysia, the possibilities of technology goes beyond her imagination. She collaborates with partners and customers to drive Digital Transformation within the SMB-space.

1300 - 1345 PM

(1/7/2020) Wednesday - MY

AWSome Journey

Farena Rahim, Account Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Post Covid-19, AWS is becoming a transformational game changer for SMEs by offering scalable cloud IT infrastructure and capabilities available as services. It is a paradigm where computing resources are available when needed, with a pay-as-you-go model, without burdening technical debt.
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