Rachel Pang

Founder & CEO, Shopavision

Don't underestimate this petite, young looking lady. A business owner who lives and breathes advertising & marketing for more than a decade, not counting prior years of working experience,

Rachel has came a long way and has witnessed the penetration of digital into the Asia Pacific market. Together with her husband, they have been in the thick of it as marketing trends evolve over the years and established OC Group as one of the pioneer agencies in Singapore to hone full in-house digital & integrated marketing expertise. She is also the founder of SHOPAVISION, Singapore's first and only live stream shopping media app and aims to empower local merchants with the power of livestream commerce.


A businesswoman, a strategist, a creative and a growth hacker all rolled into one, Rachel is bigger than you think she is. She is one who walks the talk, servicing various clients, from MNCs to startups, by providing strategic consultations and customized end-to-end solutions.

Jargons or not, Rachel has the ability to speak first hand from both a business and a marketing perspective, and to share the knowledge in a comprehensive manner. Whether you are a CEO, a business owner, or a working level junior, you don't just scratch the surface in her workshop.