Suzanne Ling

Co-founder, Picha Eats

Suzanne Ling is a co-founder and Chief Marketing Office for PichaEats. She has been largely responsible for PichaEats’ digital marketing-driven success, overseeing a team of young and dynamic creatives including graphic designers, videographers and social media content creators. She first met Kim as a university student, where they both founded an education volunteering programme, Hands of Hope in 2014.

The psychology graduate turned marketer has established herself within the entrepreneurial sphere, having conducted workshops for the likes of MaGIC, MDEC, Microsoft, Exabytes and more, while also hosting webinars with companies such as McDonald’s Malaysia, Netflix, MyBurgerLab, Inside Scoop. She is regularly invited to share on digital marketing and social
media management.

In 2020, as a way to expand their impact to underserved communities, Suzanne co-founded Zucchini & Co with PichaEats’ core team members, Teoh Min Chia and Logeetha Balakrishnan, leveraging their hands-on experience to offer social media management services to other brands.

Through this initiative, they also teach and train refugee teens in illustration and design, with the aim of eventually offering them work opportunities with real clients.