Anthony Cheah

Mobile Product Executive, EasyWork

Having almost 4 years experience in product management and graduated from Founder's Institute Program have gotten me passionate about using technologies to solve and to add value to people's live.

1030 - 1115 AM

(27/4/2020) Monday - SG

How to have a structured remote working environment?

Anthony Cheah, Product Executive, Easywork

Smart tools that can help businesses maintain a healthy workforce while working in the office or remotely. From time management to employee empowerment features, EasyWork has the capabilities to provide companies with all the fundamental tools for their day to day operations.
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1345 - 1430 PM

(31/3/2020) Tuesday

What is EasyWork all about?

Anthony Cheah, Mobile Product Executive, EasyWork

Introduction of EasyWork and how it can simplify your office work space.

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